HSL gives kids a great program

To the editor:

The fourth-graders at Petrova Elementary School and their teachers would like to thank Mrs. Amy Catania and the members of Historic Saranac Lake for the wonderful educational resource they provide our community.

For the past three years, we have been teaching local history to our fourth-grade students. As part of that unit we all visit the Trudeau museum located on Church Street. Mrs. Catania teaches the students about Dr. E.L. Trudeau’s rabbit experiment, gives them a tour of the facility and provides them an opportunity to perform small skits about what it was like to be a TB patient living in one of the local cure cottages. Some students are amazed when they realize their ancestors were part of that history; others learn that the house they live in was a cure cottage. These experiences make our local history so much more real to them.

In closing, we just wanted to thank all involved for bringing us this wonderful facility.

Mrs. Lynn Newman

Mrs. Suzanne Brosseau

Mrs. Ali McCormick

Saranac Lake