Restroom renovation in the works

LAKE PLACID – Something stinks on Main Street, but the village board of trustees is working to fix it.

Trustees plan to renovate a pair of Main Street bathrooms that they say they’ve heard lots of complaints about, in a village parking lot across from NBT Bank. The bathrooms have an overpowering odor that the board wants to fix.

“It’s quite embarrassing, these bathrooms,” Trustee Peter Holderied said at the board’s meeting last week.

“They’re in bad shape,” Mayor Craig Randall agreed.

When the bathrooms were originally constructed, builders used treated plywood, so the structure isn’t rotted and can be reused. But the interiors of the bathrooms need to be gutted and resurfaced, Randall and Holderied said. They got a quote from a company that recently completed another project for the village, owned by local contractor Jack Irwin, saying it would cost the village $33,992.23 to do work that would include plumbing, electrical work, insulation, drywall, painting and tiling in the bathrooms.

Village Attorney Janet Bliss said the quote included taxes, which the village wouldn’t pay. In that case, the project would cost $32,848.

Board members said they never realized how much the bathrooms were used until they started getting complaints about them and started paying attention. On one recent occasion, Trustee Jason Leon was speaking with Holderied and Highway Department head Brad Hathaway about them nearby when they saw at least a dozen people use them.

“And this is the slow season,” Leon said.

The goal is to have the work done before the Christmas holiday season, Randall said.

The board originally tried to have Irwin do the work, with all board members agreeing but Trustee Scott Monroe. Monroe said he’s in favor of the project, but he voted against it because he said he would have preferred to get quotes from more than one company on how much it would have cost to do the work.

“I just don’t want to be accused of showing favoritism to any one contractor,” Monroe said.

Bliss and board members weren’t sure about whether it was allowable through the village’s procurement policy to award the bid to Irwin without seeing any other quotes, so they looked into it after the meeting. Randall told the Enterprise this morning that while the village doesn’t have to issue an official request for proposals, it does have to get a few proposals.

Randall said Holderied has been calling around to local contractors, and he hopes to have at least three proposals to bring to the board’s next regular meeting Monday.

“I can’t think of a project I want to more get finished,” Randall said. “I totally agree it’s been a while since it’s seen some real attention.”

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