About the Philippines

To the editor:

I am a reader of books. In my readings about the Pacific Theater of World War II, a theme or truth comes up repeatedly, that of the Philippine people risking their lives and perhaps the lives of their families to help the American GI.

The Japanese had successfully invaded the islands. The invasion happened too rapidly for all the American military forces to be removed. Those GIs left behind had to hide or were taken prisoner by the Japanese. The Bataan March, aka the Bataan Death March, is an example of how they were treated. It was a horrible situation, but the Philippine people hid Americans. They gave them food and water. They helped with escapes, and they assisted in getting information out to the U.S. military. All was done at great risk.

The goodness and bravery of the Philippine people were supported not only in readings but by my older first cousins (the ones who had returned). The war was not talked about in full except in mumbled statements, under the right conditions. Usually it was, “The Filopinos were damn brave people, and they were good to us.”

Now would be a good time to pay them back for their help in the 1940s by being extra-generous in your donations to help in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Halyan.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Rexilius