An open letter to Bill Owens

To the editor:

Dear Congressman Bill:

This is a two-vote switch message. In every election for U.S. representative since 1964, I have never voted for a Republican. (P.S.: Yes, I have voted in all those elections.)

You are certainly not getting my vote next time, if you decide to run again. To paraphrase an old political saw, I’d vote for a yellow dog before I’d vote for you again. The reason is simple: Not only did you let the president get away with lying about the Affordable Care Act – if you bothered to read it – but your website is still in fantasyland about how great the ACA is and how much it has done for the folks in your district. You haven’t even updated your website for the latest news. My family is one of many that will not be able to keep its old plan, as was promised. You haven’t been speaking for me or my family.

So, that’s a one-vote message: You’re not getting mine. If you have a single, credible opponent who is not a known drunk or pedophile, he or she will certainly get my vote. That makes two votes against you: a minus for you and a plus for your opponent.

Very sincerely, Bill, hasta la vista,

Tom Mitchell

Lake Placid