Eagles soar at war memorials

To the editor:

Re: Jeff Dickson’s Guest Commentary article published Nov. 12:

My father was a World War II pilot who died a few weeks ago. We returned from his funeral at Fort Snelling in Minneapolis, Minn. last Saturday. While catching up on the Adirondack Daily Enterprise issues that I had missed, I read Mr. Dickson’s commentary about his World War II vet dad. Mr. Dickson visited the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C., where he scattered some of his dad’s ashes. The visit ended with a sighting of a lone eagle flying overhead.

My brother, visiting the Minnesota VA hospital where my dad lay dying, also looked up and saw an eagle. The eagle was sitting on top of a tall light pole, a striking symbol of majesty amid the congested parking lot. My sister was presented the American flag that covered my dad’s casket, and I have one of the shell casings from his 21-gun salute. They will be tangible symbols of our Dad’s devotion and sacrifice to his country. And my family will always be on the lookout for the eagle, anytime, anywhere. When we see one, like Jeff Dickson, we will say, “Thanks, Dad.”

Joan L. Tyler

Saranac Lake