Affordable Care Act results worth the hassle

To the editor:

I am not trying to convince anyone that the process of navigating the new world of health care is not a hassle. My experience confirms the difficulties that everyone has complained of, but patience, persistence and leveraging the assistance available can ease the burdens of the process. Maintaining resolve can truly produce success in the form of savings and improved health care coverage.

My introduction to the new health care marketplace began with the receipt of a cancelation notice from my current insurer. The shock of the cancelation notice gave way to frustration and difficulty in attempting to access the new marketplace online. Feeling overwhelmed, my wife and I contacted a health exchange navigator for assistance. Our navigator proved to be the single best source of information and assistance in understanding our options and identifying a health plan that worked best to meet our needs.

With the assistance of our navigator, we came to realize the benefits of the marketplace – greater options and better coverage at lower cost. Our prior insurance coverage was best described as minimalist, lacking both prescription drug and ambulance coverage. Unfortunately, you may fail to recognize how expensive an ambulance trip can be until an emergency arises and you are without coverage.

Under our new insurance, we have gained prescription drug as well as ambulance coverage. Importantly, the benefits of increased competition through the health care exchange delivered. While reaping the benefits of increased coverage, we realized substantial savings compared to our prior plan.

I am not trying to tell anyone that the new health care marketplace is not overwhelming, but it is important to know that there are resources available to help you navigate it. I encourage anyone struggling to find their way through the new marketplace to reach out to a navigator in your area.

Thomas Bissell

Old Forge