Pet peeves — What are yours?

Everyone has pet peeves, especially as drivers. I would like to know what other drivers do that really bothers you. So in this article, I will begin with a few of my pet peeves, the reasons behind them, then give readers an opportunity to respond with some of your own pet peeves.

Since most of us drivers really don’t like it when other drivers disobey traffic laws, even though we are often guilty ourselves, I suggest that we try to concentrate on what bothers us about other drivers even though there is nothing illegal about it -? just those annoying things other drivers do that we don’t like.

My first pet peeve, not necessarily the one I dislike most, is about drivers that slow down on a rural road (55 mph speed limit) to turn into their driveway and wait until they almost get there before signaling. If they would just signal before they begin slowing, those following could slow gradually and not waste gasoline and brakes.

Another peeve I have is when I am following drivers on rural roads who do not use their high beams at night when there is no oncoming traffic. Doing this makes passing them extremely difficult, as their low beams do not illuminate far enough ahead of them to know when there is a passing zone and if it is long enough to pass safely.

A third pet peeve of mine is about those drivers, again on rural roads, which is mostly the case in upstate New York, who proceed slowly at curves and hills (nothing illegal about that), but when they get to a straight stretch, they speed up, making passing them very difficult.

My last peeve is with drivers on four-lane roads (like East Main Street in Malone, which is U.S. Route 11) who ride the left lane. Yes, I realize those drivers are local and know that if they are traveling east and want to go past the Brainairdsville Road (County Route 24), they will have to get into the left lane somewhere around the Market Barn. But CR 24 is nearly a mile after the four-lane is available. And for those drivers traveling west, again they tend to ride the left lane from CR 24 all the way into Malone, well over a mile. Again, I know they are locals that know by the time they reach Raymond St. they need to be in the left lane. But, whatever happened to the premise of “drive right, pass left”? Driving in the left lane here is not illegal, only because there are no regulatory signs that say “Keep Right Except to Pass,” or, “Slower Traffic Keep Right” but that is the way good drivers drive. Furthermore, this road does not have a lot of traffic. If you keep right until you reach the regulatory signs that tell you the right lane must turn right, you will have ample opportunity to change lanes. Try it.

So, now you know some of my pet peeves. Now, what are yours? Email me at and if I get enough responses, I’ll do another article on what are the pet peeves that bother you. No email? Call me at 518-483-1882.

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