Ball used YouTube to describe her painting’s hidden images

SARANAC LAKE – Last winter, Angela Ball used a pair of YouTube videos to explain, at length, a painting of hers.

The painting was meant to show where Ball was molested as a child, she said, but later she noticed it contained hidden images of people including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Mother Theresa.

Ball is now jailed on a second-degree murder charge.

The two videos, titled “Artist Angela Ball talks about her painting,” were posted on YouTube in January and February. They seem to have been recorded by Ward Wilbur, the man Ball is accused of beating and stabbing to death Monday in her apartment at 19 Morris Way. The videos also may have been recorded in the small cabin in the woods the two shared off of state Route 86.

In the earlier, six-and-a-half-minute video, posted on Jan. 15, Ball stands in front of a wall, holding the painting. She’s wearing a knit hat, a black shirt and brown pants.

“Here’s a picture of my childhood house I grew up in Media, Pennsylvania,” she begins, before cutting off the recording, saying, “We’re going to start over. I can’t be stoned doing this.”

“It’s good,” a male voice says from behind the camera.

“No, I can’t do it high,” Ball says. “I’m serious.”

The video restarts with Ball standing in the same position, presumably some time later. She says the painting is of the 17th-century farm property where she grew up.

“Now originally I painted this painting to put my childhood past behind me,” Ball says. “I painted myself where I was molested as a child in this mail truck. So I thought, ‘OK, everything’s done. I’ll just paint that, and there’s a beautifulness there, and we’ll put that on the shelf with the other ones you put there.’

“Then I went back to look at it, and man, did my mind get molested, honestly.”

Ball goes on to describe at length images of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington that she says she noticed afterward in a barn roof. She also points out what she says are Native Americans and African-Americans hidden around the property. Amid a herd of cows she had painted, she says she noticed what looks like human babies and “Mother Theresa or somebody delivering babies out of a cow.”

About five minutes in, Ball holds the painting up close to the camera so people watching can see the figures she’s describing. It’s hard to see what she’s talking about.

“I might sound like I’m rambling,” she says, “but it’s like the ground has been sweeped out from underneath me. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The second video, about the same painting, was uploaded on Feb. 14. Ball is seated this time, wearing a dark jacket or sweater. She now says she’s named the painting “Time Release” and calls the images she says she unknowingly painted “almost paranormal, supernatural.” In addition to the aforementioned people, she said she can also see what looks like aliens and wizards in her paint strokes.

“I have no words how to describe how the painting ended up this way,” Ball says.

Nevertheless, she talks for roughly 11 minutes in this second video about the painting and its cosmic implications. At one point she mentions her mother and her sister. About eight minutes in, she identifies the location where she painted it as an “off-grid camp without electricity.

“It’s phenomenal artwork that is very far out,” Ball says at the end of the second video. “Enjoy, and maybe I made a believer out of some people.”

“What do you think, Ward?” she asks as she walks off camera.

“Great,” he responds.

Asked about the videos Wednesday, village police Chief Bruce Nason said he wasn’t aware of them but would check them out online.

The first video had 44 views and the second 33 views when the Enterprise first reported on them Wednesday afternoon. (UPDATE: They had 1,108 and 744, respectively, at 9:20 a.m. Friday morning.)