All-time high overtime is governor’s fault

To the editor:

I just read with great interest the article concerning New York state overtime being on pace to hit an all-time, absurd high of $600 million.

New York state cannot have its cake and eat it, too, since Gov. Cuomo and his administration are the ones who created and forced this manufactured overtime.

If you recall, Gov. Cuomo proudly beat on his chest as he went to the press, proclaiming that he forced New York state employee contracts to include Deficit Reduction Leave days. As demonstrated by the reported high overtime, that was really just a political shell game. As Gov. Cuomo was busy putting on a dog-and-pony show for the citizens of New York, who really saved?

“Save today and pay more tomorrow” is not an efficient way to be an executive. The bad news is that “tomorrow” is now here, and the citizens will be paying for this management style through their taxes. When you force an employee to take a day off, that shift still has to be covered, and more times than not, it is done through overtime, especially in state agencies that provide public safety or direct care. Coupled with staff shortages mandated by Gov. Cuomo, and this is the outcome you naturally arrive at.

If this managerial tactic were to occur in any other company, the executive would be fired immediately. The state created this gimmick, and now it should own it not cast blame elsewhere.

Vinny Blasio