For proposed Lake Flower hotel

To the editor:

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As far as the proposed hotel on Lake Flower goes, I’m sure there will be plenty, both for and against. I am definitely for it because the village must move forward to capture the economic benefits this hotel will bring: firstly the jobs during construction and secondly the opportunities for varied employment once the hotel opens. Also, look to the economic impact of having another destination hotel right here in Saranac Lake.

As far as the height goes, you can’t see Lake Flower now where the three existing motels are, with the exception of a glance looking down the parking lot of one motel. The residences on the opposite side of the street either don’t have a window uncovered to see the lake, or they are currently empty. And it is comical that the existing trees there are much taller than the proposed hotel height, and nobody complains about them. Let’s all get together and embrace progress while the opportunity exists.

James Sayles

Saranac Lake