Some business will reimburse for parking during holidays

LAKE PLACID – Shoppers looking to purchase presents on Main Street could get a little gift of their own this holiday season.

From Dec. 2 to Christmas Eve, the village is giving stores the opportunity to reimburse shoppers for parking fares.

To get the reimbursement, shoppers need to rip the receipt stub off the end of the ticket printed out by parking meters, then bring it to a participating store. Store employees will take the receipt and give shoppers their money back.

Store owners then keep track of the receipts and fill out a voucher, and they can turn that in to the village to be reimbursed. The program is totally voluntary. Store owners can decide what rules they apply to it, like if they want to require a purchase before providing reimbursement.

A few businesses participated in the program last year. The village board has tried to keep the program low-key in the past, but board members agreed at their Dec. 2 meeting that businesses should be able to place signs in their window to let customers know if they are participating in the program. Trustee Art Devlin said Lori Fitzgerald, president of the Lake Placid Business Association, made the request, and he thought it was a great idea.

“Customers are the people that need to know about it,” said Mayor Craig Randall.