My Christmas wish

To the editor:

We, the people of the United States, in order to establish a newly representative government, do hereby:

1. Abolish the existing federal government and all of its departments.

2. Abolish all state governments in accord with a representative peoples government.

3. Abolish the election process and reinstitute open elections.

4. Re-establish the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches in accord with OUR standing Constitution.

We now come to the crossroads as to what to do about this mess. We can sit idly by and watch our children’s future be destroyed by the events taking place daily, or we can take action to secure our heritage. The power structure has counted on our silence for too long. The “silent majority” must go, and a new “angry electorate” must emerge – but an anger directed in a constructive direction and focus. We must forget about our differences and concentrate on how we are alike. In this cohesion is the strength needed to recapture the vision needed to dismantle the barriers that have been set in front of us to rip the constitutional rights from our ownership. We must inundate the airwaves to introduce and educate our movement to others who haven’t been reached. We must overwhelm all forms of communication to keep the message alive. We must all dedicate ourselves to the purpose of saving our nation. A few of us will dedicate ourselves in total to usurp the illegal authority that has taken over our nation. Some will give a little, and some will risk all. But every risk is necessary to eradicate the forces that have infiltrated this country. The reward is self-evident. All citizens will be treated as equals, and a fair and representative government will be formed to adhere to the will of the people, as intended by the original “Gang of Treason.”

Ric Wells

Common man