Accidents on the bob run

Following a knee replacement last March I was lucky enough to have Kerry King as my physical therapist right here at the local hospital. She is professional and compassionate but you better do whatever she tells youbecause some of her tricks to get you well may make you wish you were back in the hospital.

Anyway, I was surprised to learn that her grandfather was Otis King, the famous fishing guide from Lake Placid, so when I ran across this story about Otis I thought maybe Kerry, with the rest of us, would enjoy it. From the archives of the Adirondack Room of the Saranac Lake Free Library, this story was carried in the Enterprise on Jan. 20, 1947:

“Otis King of Lake Placid, brakeman on a Conservation Department bobsled, was reported resting comfortably this morning at the General Hospital where he was taken following an accident at the Mt. VanHoevenberg Bobsled run yesterday afternoon.

“King was aboard a sled transporting passengers during the afternoon public riding session. As the sled hit the last curve prior to completing the run, it struck a crack in the ice, it was reported, and after progressing a few feet turned over.

“The driver and passengers escaped harm but King was thrown from the sled onto the icy run. Hospital authorities reported today that King may have suffered a possible fracture of the skull. He sustained a cut arm and x-rays of his head will be read today.”

(Wow? Can you imagine if that happened today in this litigious society rather than 63 years ago? The lawsuits would be in court for 63 years.)

Charlie Keough crashes

“Lake Placid, Feb. 19, 1947 (AP) – Two more bobsledders were injured today in the four-man team Olympic trials in the second crack-up in two days.

“Gerald Olyer and John Davies of Saranac Lake crewmen on a sled driven by Charlie Keough, also of Saranac Lake, were injured when the team was thrown from the sled near the finish line on Mt. VanHoevenberg’s perilous one-mile run.

“The sled, making the second descent of the day in the fourth heat of the two-day trials had cleared “Zig-Zag” turn and was about to negotiate a turn known as Number 25 when the accident occurred.

“Olyer sustained cuts about the head and was removed to a hospital for further examination. Davies sustained a cut over one eye but was otherwise unhurt.

“Keough and his brakeman, Francis Buckley, were shaken but walked away from the crackup. The sled crossed the finish line unmanned.

“The S-shaped curve, “Zig-Zag” was the scene yesterday of a more serious accident when a sled driven by Alexis Thompson, New York City sportsman, went over the side of the icy chute. Thompson and his three crew members were hospitalized with cuts and bruises.

“Meanwhile, Joe Meconi, of AuSable Forks, held a slim lead as the final two heats of the trials got underway.”

Police sergeant hit by car

January 1947

“Sgt. Edmund Duprey of the local police force was reported improving from injuries suffered Sunday night while investigating an accident near the Veteran’s Memorial home at 173 Broadway.

“Sgt. Duprey suffered arm injuries including torn muscles and ligaments and a chipped arm bone. He was struck by a car driven by Walter Chester Ramsey, local taxi operator.

“According to police, Sgt. Duprey and Patrolman Forrest Morgan were called to Upper Broadway about 11:50 p.m. to investigate the crash of a truck operated by Irwin Fobare and a car driven by Richard Talbert, both of this village.

“Mr. Fobare had started up McClelland Street when his vehicle skidded and slid back across Broadway. In doing so it skidded into the path of the Talbert car which rammed the back end of the truck. The radiator of the Talbert car was badly damaged.

“While investigating, Patrolman Morgan noticed a car approaching rapidly and called to Sgt. Duprey to get out of the way. As he did, Sgt. Duprey turned just in time to ward off being struck head on. In doing so he suffered the arm injuries.

“Ramsey was arrested on a charge of reckless driving. He was arraigned before Judge Andrew Weller and fined $5 on the charge. He claimed he was unable to see the wreck because of heavy steam escaping from the Talbert car.

“Sgt. Duprey was given medical leave and is now confined to his home.”