Congressman votes for a lousy status quo

To the editor:

Congressman Bill Owens recently voted for the RyanMurray budget deal, legislation that avoids sequester cuts, raises taxes, dismantles the 2011 Budget Control Act and adds $6.8 trillion to our debt over the next 10 years.

Perhaps we should all be impressed by our congressman’s daring courage to cast such a rebellious vote for the status quo – while being of a Congress that enjoys a 9 percent approval rating. Perhaps we should be thankful for our congressman’s concern for the future of our markets and our children, and appreciate his exemplary understanding of economic realities that no doubt influenced his vote to further saddle us with more crushing debt and higher taxes. Perhaps we should all be grateful for the sage-like wisdom that guided our congressman’s vote, a vote that unequivocally continues the malignant growth of the market-suffocating size of the federal government, a vote that patently ignores our most urgent national security issue – our perpetually exploding national debt crisis.

Thank you, Bill. Thank you.

Justin Thomas Trombley