Yes, Sochi is pricey for athletes’ families

To the editor:

I just wanted to express how wonderful it was of you to publish an article about how expensive it is for families to travel to Sochi, Russia to watch their athletes.

Our son Cory Butner is one of the three national team bobsled pilots, and we are so proud of his accomplishments.

The process for us just in obtaining a Russian visa has been a long and expensive road just to go to Sochi for seven days. There are six of us going: his father, Jim; me his mom, Yvonne; sister Charity and husband Robert; my sister, Yvette, and her husband, Craig.

Your article was outstanding and oh, so true in all aspects.

The trip for us is going to be very long since we live in California, where Cory was born and raised.

Thank you so much for caring to publish that it is not cheap for families to travel and support their athletes.

Merry Christmas, and thank you so very much.

Yvonne J. Butner

Yucaipia, Calif.