Why not note Federal Reserve’s 100th?

To the editor:

If you believe its proponents, the Federal Reserve saved our nation from the boom and bust cycles of the 19th century and ushered in an era of unprecedented economic growth, prosperity and freedom. But if that is really true, why was there no public celebration of its 100th anniversary, Dec. 23, 2013?

Of course, almost everyone was too busy celebrating the holidays anyway, which begs the question, “Why was the Federal Reserve Act passed by Congress and signed by the president on the particular date, Dec. 23, 2013?”

Was there any mention of the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act in the Times Union? I didn’t see any, but I might have missed it. If not, then why not? If the Federal Reserve saved the nation, then this past Dec. 23 is a momentous occasion in American history. Why did you not mention it? The only mention I saw of it in any media was in the Troy Record, in its daily column, “100 years ago this day in the Record.”


Mark Thomas