No help from police or Stec in finding car

To the editor:

So since the election of Dan Stec, I pretty much withheld my reservations that he was just another political hack climbing up the pay scale of local politics.

A couple of months ago, I got a fairly interesting rejection letter on a notice of claim I filed with respect to the obvious failure of Troop B to inquire about a Mercedes Benz 450 SEL which I had in Lake Placid long ago and which was one of my few cars that in fact made it into the 1980 Winter Olympics due to the ineptitude of the New York State Department of Transportation. Those of your readers who know me from back then know the story pretty well. I had the cars, and they were more or less ready to go, and had a phone in a friend’s attic as he had rented out his house for pretty big money. In any event, NYSDOT turned down my application because I was not in the phone book. Turns out that they were using a 1975 phone book for the 1980 games, and in order to get into the 1975 book, you would have had to had a phone in maybe 1972.

“The selection process for the 1980 Winter Olympics consisted of one bid, from Lake Placid, United States. It was selected at the 75th International Olympic Committee session in Vienna on Oct. 13, 1974.” (

So it seems that despite a pretty good go-around, including having the New York State Police block my email because I guess it was annoying to them to be asked to do something normal like check on a car – in any event, the car is now missing, and when I offered my notice of claim, it was returned as a “nullity,” whatever that means. So I asked months ago and again recently for some clarification from Mr. Stec, and I guess that’s too much to expect. I can only wonder if this is not something that they should teach in high school in New York how anybody can get a fair shake from the Albany insiders – much less paid on a cut-and-dry claim for a missing car.

Anyway, it seems to me that if he is not going to be helpful to people in Essex County, he can pack his bags and let the Essex County Bar Association use that office space in the county courthouse in Elizabethtown. At least they can come up with some kind of excuse.

William Kuntz III

Wadhams and Nantucket, Mass.