Pet peeves —?Readers speak out

In November, a “Did You Know” article began with the assumption that every driver had his/her pet peeves about other drivers, and ran off several of my pet peeves to try to get some attention to this subject.

At the end of the article, I asked readers to email or call me with their pet peeves with the intention of running them in a future article. Although I didn’t get an overwhelming response, I did receive enough for a follow-up article. So, here are the responses that I received from you, the readers:

“I have a 40-minute round trip commute every day from Tupper Lake to Saranac Lake. In the winter, the drivers form a big line (I call it a train) to Saranac Lake and every hill, they all slam on their brakes, causing a chain reaction where everyone almost rear ends each other.”

“I don’t understand why folks feel the need to slam on their brakes when someone pulls out to pass them when there is no oncoming traffic and plenty of room to pass.”

“People that drive 45 to 50 and see the line of traffic that forms behind them and don’t pull over. I encounter these people more than not on my commute. I feel they create a more dangerous road problem than any speeder.”

“My pet peeve is when driving down a street or highway, someone pulls out directly in front of me, causing me to hit the brakes to avoid hitting them.”

“My pet peeve is all the people who do not know about the Safe Drivers’ classes.

They are missing the insurance discount and the safe driving tips are well worth the time and money. We learn something every time we go, ie. adjusting the mirrors to eliminate blind spots.”

“My pet peeve is people not turning right on red when they can … and people who don’t keep to the right.”

“This is one of my pet peeves. Someone will pull off a side road right in front of me – drive at 20 MPH to the next intersection then pull off on a side road. I hope their schedule was that important.

Take the (right of way) when you have it – don’t wave an oncoming vehicle to turn left before you proceed ahead.

My pet peeve is tailgaters. Over the last several years, I have made note of tailgaters and found the majority of tailgaters are women, almost all of which are young women. This has caused me to reflect, ‘Show me a tailgater, I’ll show you a woman under 40.’ Although I have not kept numerical percentages I am confident in my overall observations.”

“My pet peeve is when people stop in the traffic lane when they have the right of way to let others, particularly buses, pull out in front of them or cross in front of them.

I have also seen many school buses stop in traffic to let other buses pull in front of them. This happens often on the Pearl Street hill going toward downtown, where a bus going down the hill will stop on the slippery hill, and make cars behind them stop so buses crossing the four corners can go first even though the bus going down the hill has the right of way and does not need to stop at all before turning right to the school.”

I want to thank everyone that responded. To me, these are all valid gripes. I wouldn’t doubt that many of these are peeves of most drivers, at least to some degree. If you forgot to respond and have another peeve that really bothers you, let me know. I could still do another article sometime in the future.

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