Re-elect village board

To the editor:

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, at 7 p.m. in the village offices, Saranac Lake Democrats will hold a caucus to choose our candidates for mayor and two trustees.

Mayor Rabideau and trustees Catillaz and Pelletieri are running to keep their seats in the March 18 election. At this point, I am not aware of anyone else interested in running, Democrat or otherwise.

Frankly, with all due respect for the democratic process and those who embrace the political arena, I believe that now is a time for Saranac Lake to keep the entire team in place that has done so much for the village over the last four years. Here’s why:

Clyde Rabideau is the best thing to happen to Saranac Lake in a generation. He is a mayor’s mayor. He has created a buzz about Saranac Lake that echoes in the governor’s office. He is leading Saranac Lake in a direction that swims against the tide of struggling upstate communities. Saranac Lake is in a time of unprecedented opportunity. What Clyde has started, we need him to finish. (My biggest worry is that he will have to spend the next two months campaigning when he could be working on bringing new businesses in to Saranac Lake.)

Tom Catillaz is the mainstay of the current village board. He is the institutional memory of village government, having been through it all time and time again. In the background, he is the trusted advisor that our village manager counts on for pragmatic guidance and direction on village infrastructure issues. He is the glue that keeps us working.

Allie Pelletieri, Conservative Party fellow that he is, is the detail man for the village board. He is also a friend and a person of unmatched integrity. Without fail, Allie does the right thing. Allie’s voice on the village board helps to ensure that what we do will be the best thing for all Saranac Lakers.

Barb Rice and I make up the current team. I speak for myself when I say that the five of us cover the bases and work 110 percent for the best Saranac Lake future possible.

Right now there is so much happening, already in motion, that having the same team together is so important. Let us finish what we have started, and give Saranac Lake the best possible future. That’s why, if people in the village think we are heading in the right direction, if folks are optimistic that there are better times ahead, I encourage all of us to 100 percent support the current village board by electing Clyde, Tom and Allie, regardless of their differing political affiliations, because I truly believe that they are all important to the village of Saranac Lake’s future.

Paul Van Cott

Village trustee

Saranac Lake