What about holiday closing notices?

To the editor:

As a newcomer to the Lake Flower Apartments, having moved from further north, I find your newspaper helpful and informative. However, I would like to suggest a small change on your front page that would be extremely helpful to a 92-year-old woman without a car.

If you would put a small box on a corner of your front page announcing upcoming holiday closings, it would save me the experience yesterday of finding the bank, First Niagara, closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, after I had trudged on foot with a ski pole as a walking stick to obtain some cash with a recovering injured knee.

Probably noting changes in time would also be helpful to forgetful seniors.

Thank you,

Margaret Tsuda

Saranac Lake

P.S.: My delivery service is excellent.

(Editor’s note: Martin Luther King Jr. Day is this coming Monday, Jan. 20. A teller at First Niagara on Main Street, Saranac Lake told us the bank was open Monday, Jan. 13, but maybe not at the time Ms. Tsuda went there. As for notices of holiday business closings, it’s a good idea, but we encourage businesses to advertise these for their customers’ benefit.)