5 years with Obama, as Mother Goose might tell it

Hickory dickory dock,

We have a president named Barack.

A shining star at the Dems’ convention,

However, one thing I have to mention.

Barack got help from John McCain,

Who ran a very poor campaign.

Ole John and his team were in quite a state,

As to who should be his running mate.

They thought and thought and began a-wailin’.

“I know,” John said, and chose Sarah Palin.

His advisors screamed, “You can’t, no way,”

“Great pick. I love it,” said Tina Fey.

With two growing daughters and a lovely spouse,

A black man moved into the columned White House.

Some on the right, their hearts cold and hatin’,

Thought that Barack was the evil one, Satan.

“He’s a socialist, a communist, a Martian in disguise.

“Don’t trust him,” they said. “He tells nothing but lies.”

While he sought compromise, less conflict and strife,

“No way,” said Republicans, “not on your life.”

Barack said, “As Americans. to the future let’s sail,”

“Never!” cried Limbaugh. “I want to see him fail.”

Though the cost would be high if Rush had his way,

It’s a price he and others are too willing to pay.

Barack said Guantanamo was a national disgrace,

Five-plus years later it’s the same evil place.

The Pentagon discovered where Bin Laden was hidin’.

“Great news,” said Barack. “I’ll tell VP Biden.”

A SEAL team dropped in and crashed through the door.

Osama the terrorist – three cheers – was no more.

After four years of stalling, gridlock, and cryin’,

The GOP came back with Romney and Ryan.

Mitt tried his best to be folksy and homey,

But voters thought him too rich and too phoney.

A school day turned horrendous, a heart-breaking crime,

Children and teachers murdered, a scene from wartime.

After Newtown, Barack said, “Enough is enough.

“Who needs assault weapons? It’s time to get tough.”

The nation still kowtows to unyielding gun nuts,

Against NRA money, most politicians lack guts.

Have compassion, raise the minimum wage, for goodness sake,

“Bah humbug,” said the GOP. “Let them eat trickle-down cake!”

We can’t increase wages for the lowest-paid work

While the rich get more tax breaks, more corporate perks.

Corporations outsource jobs because money is power,

Poor souls in Bangladesh work for pennies an hour.

Extend unemployment benefits; now that’s really crazy.

We all know the jobless are deadbeats and lazy.

Take any work, the most menial labor,

And thank the 1 percent for this undeserved favor.

Then came Ted Cruz, a Texan brash and wild,

A Tea Party darling, the GOP’s problem child.

Ted’s answer to our problems, each and every one,

Is eliminate government, shut down Washington.

If we fall for the Tea Party’s corporate con,

We’ll soon be the U.S. of

Barack said if we all can’t be wealthy,

Obamacare will keep us happy and healthy.

An excellent idea, on this rest assured,

Since millions of Americans are not health-insured.

People turned on computers to enroll online,

Only to learn they were wasting their time.

Many persisted, both single and married,

Hoping for coverage before they die and are buried.

Barack’s domestic spying is frightening and zany,

More intrusive than under Bush and Dick Cheney.

Privacy, said Edward Snowden, is a thing of the past,

With the NSA listening can democracy last?

Our phone calls are monitored all night and all day.

“Don’t worry,” said Barack. “It’s a small price to pay.

“We have rights and freedoms, much more than others.

“Just think of the NSA as your loving Big Brothers.”

If you don’t like Barack, think he’s a jerk,

Consider the alternatives, most quite berserk.

It could have been Gingrich, Bachman or Perry,

And that, my friends, is mind-blowing scary.

George J. Bryjak lives in Bloomingdale, retired after 24 years of teaching sociology at the University of San Diego.