Danger spots on the ice

To the editor:

About every 10 years, I send a registered letter to the village board concerning Winter Carnival safety. So here I go again! My father drowned in 1949 in Lower Saranac, so perhaps I am a bit sensitive about going through the ice.

There are two extremely dangerous areas, first being the narrows bordering Lake Flower Avenue. There is never more than a couple of inches of ice there, and snowmobiles usually can zoom right over the area with no problem (not always). It looks so safe and well traveled that I have seen folks actually walking along the center of the river there. The other spot is near the Lake Flower boat launch site. It is also dangerous, and one snow machine went through there, and the driver’s feet got tangled, and he almost died of hypothermia while the rescue squad was diligently working to get him out. Needless to say, the area that they cut the ice from in Pontiac Bay should also be on the list.

The other letters I have sent over the years have been ignored by previous village boards. Please don’t wait until something happens.

Please put signs and or barricades to alert folks that these areas are dangerous.

Jon B. Bombard

Saranac Lake