The joke called affordable health care

To the editor:

Official mandates passed by Congress without anyone reading or studying the law. Passed by a majority of so-called lawmakers in the dead of night. The Affordable Health Care Act. Trying to maneuver around the inequities of the system is as difficult as understanding our tax codes.

Case in point – who has to adhere to the system? According to the law, every United States citizen has to sign up for the system unless you are determined exempt by congressional edict. But conversely, why don’t the health care providers have to adhere to the same law?

For example, your primary-care physician prescribes that you need to see a periodontist, go for a colonoscopy or some other specialist. Good luck. The system has become so inane and incoherent that you cannot navigate the inner workings of the insurance companies to get the procedures deemed necessary for health reasons. The system is so convoluted that one has to stay on the phone for hours at a time with your insurance company in order to get any plan of action – only to find out that the person you spoke with previously gave you the wrong information. This insane miscommunication can and does go on for months, resulting in a decrease in the patient’s quality of health – elevated stress levels which will raise the blood sugar levels in a diabetic to a danger point, put a strain on any and every relationship with the people involved.

If we are going to have a national health care system, then everyone, and I mean everyone on both sides of the issue, has to be involved. There can be no sacred cows in the program. Otherwise, the system is unconstitutional and has to be scrapped, and the people who passed this system should be impeached and thrown out of office NOW.

Ric Wells

Common man