Doubts about Lake Flower hotel project

To the editor:

I was very interested in Caperton Tissot’s thoughtful remarks on the Lake Flower waterfront hotel proposal. It is wonderful to share in the excitement of the two new hotel projects, but I have some concerns about the Lake Flower project. It seems to me that the hotel is just too big.

That is illustrated well by the parking issues:

The developers are proposing to have some cars parked off site. The hotel is located near Saranac Lake’s most problematic intersection, in front of NBT Bank, and the occupants of those cars (hotel employees) will have to cross the streets at all hours of the day and night and in all weathers. It is not safe without a major reconfiguration of that intersection, which doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

The developers want a variance for smaller parking spaces. We live in an area where many residents and visitors are driving large SUVs and four-door pickup trucks; cars seem to be getting bigger, not smaller.

The balloon test was interesting, and suggests a huge presence visible from all over. A height restriction, whether we apply the Adirondack Park Agency’s 40 feet or something else, seems in order.

Economic development is the rationale for spending $2 million of our tax money for this project. Do we need more opportunities for minimally paid cleaners and wait staff here in Saranac Lake? Or could we do better for our tax dollars?

And – is a project requiring this kind of subsidy economically viable? Or will we have a vacant building on our hands at some time in the future?

Thank you for considering these points.

Mary A. Brown

Saranac Lake