Article misrepresented meeting

To the editor:

District officials and the Board of Education have begun to engage the community as they develop Saranac Lake Central School District’s budget for 2014-15.

The difficult work of developing a spending plan that meets the needs of students and taxpayers requires that thoughtful and informed examination of the component parts of our district’s costs occur.

Superintendent Diane Fox, Assistant Superintendent Dan Bower and the Board of Education are presenting the community with the information it needs to allow the necessary, careful analysis of district expenditures. We are confident that the remaining budget presentations will be informative.

Unfortunately, we can’t express similar confidence regarding the article about the meeting that appeared on Jan. 24 (“Sports, music face budget cuts in Saranac Lake”).

We find the headline sensationalized and that the article misrepresented the tone of the meeting.

Finding a balance between tax sensitivity and robust school programs is tricky work in this era of slashed state aid, tax caps and rising costs. Here’s hoping that going forward we can count on the Enterprise to appeal less to readers’ emotions and more to their desire for facts.


Melissa DeVit

Don Carlisto


Saranac Lake Teachers Association