Good to call out governor

To the editor:

I just finished reading your latest published editorial on Gov. Cuomo’s remarks to journalist Susan Arbetter. I, too, believed our governor probably had a stray comment. Staying on script is difficult and boring for public figures.

Still, his recent comment was troubling. He deserves to be called out on it, and an apology of some form is owed. Not just to those who ideologically oppose some of the governor’s more liberal initiatives, but it is owed to all New Yorkers, because political intolerance is “not who we are.”

Congratulations on an editorial that appeared balanced and timely. Changing the political climate begins with listening, choosing your words carefully and being open to discussion or debate when people politically disagree. Defending your foxhole when you clearly made a mistake prolongs the discourse and political divide.

Raymond A. Scollin

Saranac Lake