Angela Ball killed in self-defense

To the editor:

Reply to: “Confession made under stress”

I was happy to see the letter of Jan. 24 by Shane Fox. It was the first article raising the possibility that Angela may really have acted in self-defense.

I am concerned about the chances of Angela getting a fair trial. The deceased comes from a good family, and my family’s heart goes out to them. A major disadvantage for Angela is that said family is very well connected. Family members include mayors, a would-be congressman, state police officers, etc., etc. Angela’s public defender has too large a caseload and too small a budget to mount a proper defense, and still needs to have a working relationship with the powers that be after this trial is over.

Angela was raised a good Catholic girl. Angela has always been a very generous, loving and kind person. After graduating from high school, Angela earned dean’s list honors with more than 50 college credits. She moved to upstate New York while working at St. John’s Brook; later she got romantically involved with a man from Saranac Lake and finally with the deceased.

Ward physically and mentally abused Angela. I am sure that Angela acted in self-defense. Based on statements Ward made, Angela believed that he was out to kill her, and on that day it is entirely possible that he was. Therefore she is only guilty of defending herself.

Our thoughts and prayers will be with our daughter. The powers that be seek vengeance on Angela. It might be a better idea to seek justice.

Daniel Ball

Angela’s father

Lenni, Pa.