The Castle Saranac

To the editor:

Winter came and stayed it did.

The nights were bitter cold.

But deep within the hearts of men

And women e’er so bold

There woke a spirit long suppressed

And forth they moved at its behest.

On Pontiac’s plain, the plans were made

For a castle fair and strong

Where in each year past a palace played

To a winter weary throng.

The stones of ice held tight in quarry

Caring naught for transient glory.

The river frozen deep in time

Was heedless of the castle fine.

The wind it howled. The ice did groan.

With gloves wet through, slush chilled the bone

But on they worked, their faces hid

To do the work tradition bid.

Prisoners brought forth by King

Futures in the reckoning

Were lightened in their penance

By the kinship of these tenants

Finding hope in the freedom of such bonds.

From the parapets the shouts they rang

The resonating saws they sang

And claws descending from the dark

On each stone did leave their mark

As block on block they lay.

The walls, they rose as the river froze.

The towers reached to the sky.

As strangers passed and in cold did gasp

Within they wondered why.

These men and women labored on

A beauty that would soon be gone.

… And now before the celebration

Take we the time to pour libation.

Our pints we’ll raise

To warmer days

And the passing of this fine creation.

Steven Sonnenberg

Saranac Lake