Lake Flower hotel needs a redesign

To the editor:

It is good to see some people questioning the proposed Lake Flower Hotel because one hears a lot that this is a “done deal.” That is, why write letters or attend hearings when this development is going to happen “as is” anyway? Even so, I would like to go on record in stating that this hotel is simply too massive for its site.

It’s not that I’m opposed to the developer’s plan to convert the current site into a distinctive, upscale Inn with amenities. But this plan appears to be distinctively plain and unimaginative in design, with no relief, softness or architectural interest. Its sheer bulk will not attract but will detract from our village setting. Whether it’s viewed from the opposite side of the lake or from a boat on the surface of the lake, or from the main road entering the village from the east, it is an out-of-scale bulk of a building, obtrusive and without charm.

Will you join my voice in attempting to influence the developer in creating the design for an Inn that will more appropriately fit with our environs and tuck into the space allotted?

Rachel Rice

Saranace Lake