Boil order issued in Bloomingdale

BLOOMINGDALE – A water main sprung a leak Friday afternoon on East Main Street across the road from the post office resulting in a boil-water order that will last for five or six days.

Town of St. Armand Water Department officials dug into the shoulder of the road, working from 4:30 p.m. until midnight repairing a faulty cover valve seal. The streets affected by the boil order are East Main Street, River Road, Mill Street, Canal Street and Union Street. Until the boil order is lifted, the state Health Department advises people in that area to let water boil for at least a minute and cool before using it for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth or preparing food.

St. Armand Supervisor Charles Whitson Jr. said the water main broke because the corroded bolts on top of the seal came loose from the water pressure or a component of the cover valve was not properly installed.

Whitson said the bolts were old. The Water Department installed stainless steel bolts to the valve which are not as susceptible to rust. He said a similar problem might not occur again for a long time.

Stanley Ingison, waste department supervisor, said the leak didn’t cause any real harm to motorists or nearby homes.

The Water Department sent the first water sample for testing Monday afternoon. Two consecutive days’ samples must test OK before a boil order can be lifted, and each sample takes a day or more for lab testing.

“Normally after a break, if there is pressure loss (in the water main) you have to take the samples where it broke, up-stream and down-stream.” Ingison said.

There was a slight delay in sending the sample because the testing lab is not open on weekends. Residents affected by the boil order should expect the results to come back around Monday at the very latest, Ingison said.