Calling all beards

To the editor:

The Brothers of the Bush are seeking marchers for the Gala Parade.

Beards, burns, and ‘staches are our cup of tea.

But what if you don’t have a beard? No problemo, amigo. The Brotherhood, while high on life, is low on requirements: You want in, we want you in – regardless of age, gender and what is (or isn’t) on your chinny chin chin.

Or, in the immortal words of Grantland Rice (had Grantland Rice been me):

“When you’re before The Last Reviewing Stand

“And The Judge his score has made,

“It matters not if you’ve facial hair,

“But that you marched in the parade.

To join this most UN-exclusive brotherhood, just call 518-891-4061.

And don’t forget, Grow It, Don’t Mow It!

B.O.B. Seidenstein