Ray Brook DEC offices being renovated

RAY BROOK – The front entrance to the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s Region 5 headquarters will be closed for three to five weeks due to renovations taking place there.

The roadway in front of the building is also scheduled to be closed

The construction project includes removal and replacement on carpets in the main conference room and lobby and removal and replacement of floor tiles near the center back entrance.

During the closure, visitors to the office will need to call ahead to schedule to meet a DEC employee at one of the back entrances, which will remain locked. Several parking spots near the back entrances to the building in the DEC employee parking lot will be designated as visitor parking only.

Visitors with cellphones who don’t call ahead before arriving at the back door will be asked to call 518-897-1200. They will then be connected to the appropriate DEC employee who will meet them at the entrance.

Visitors without cellphone who don’t call ahead before arriving at the back door will be directed to the state Adirondack Park Agency offices next door. The receptionist at the APA will then call the DEC and make arrangements for the visitor to be met at one of the back entrances.

APA staff and visitors to the APA office will be required to drive through the DEC employee parking lot to access the APA parking lot. Signs will be posted directing drivers to the APA parking lot.

DEC asks the public to drive carefully and pay attention to directional signs there will be a considerable amount of traffic in the DEC employee parking area. DEC pool vehicles, DEC staff personal vehicles, APA pool vehicles, APA staff person vehicles, state vehicles obtaining fuel, and visitors to the DEC and APA will all travel through and/or park in this area.