Snow problem

To the editor:

My father is a 75-year-old disabled veteran confined to a wheelchair, and we have an issue with snow buildup where we live.

The New York State Department of Transportation, when plowing the roads, sends the snow back to where I shoveled it from. I see the village Bobcat plow the walkways but not nearly as many times as they should during a severe snowstorm. I live on Main Street and am not lazy, so I do shovel.

I had my dad’s aide contact the village, and the man whom she spoke with said to her that he would take care of the situation. I got a phone call from some Michelle who works there, and she said that it was a state highway and the village has no obligation to help us. I find this ridiculous and will contact the mayor tomorrow, but I find myself compelled to post this so all can see about our lovely village officials.

James Gerald LaVair

Tupper Lake