Test your vehicle and traffic law IQ, round 4

Last week we presented 20 questions on vehicle and traffic law and traffic safety. Hopefully you took the test. This week we will repeat the questions, give you the answers, and the authority for the answers. See how well you did.

Anyone operating a motor vehicle that injures or kills a cat must stop and locate the owner, and if unable to do so must report it to the police. [True, Vehicle and Traffic Law, section 601]

U-turns are prohibited in school zones where a school crossing sign is posted. [True, V&T Law, section 1161(b)]

A “two way left turn” lane may be used to enter a street or highway. [True, V&T Law, section 1126(c)]

A NYS resident may register his/her boat trailer in New Hampshire. [False, it can only be registered in NYS; V&T Law, section 2282(12)]

Simultaneously flashing signals (hazard lights), not the right turn signal, must be used for a vehicle stopped on the side of a public highway. [True, V&T Law, section 1163(e)]

A right turn on a red arrow is permitted after a full stop, unless a sign prohibits it. [False, no turns are permitted in the direction of the red arrow; V&T Law, section 1111(d)(3)]

It is illegal to change lanes separated by double solid white lines. [True, MUTCD; these might be found in a tunnel or on a bridge where lane changing is prohibited]

Unless you are preparing for a left turn, it is a violation to enter any intersection unless you can drive through the intersection. [True, V&T Law, section 1175]

Drivers may use earphones while driving. [False, only an ear bud for one ear, V&T Law, section 375(24)-a]

If the signal lights at an intersection are not working (i.e. power failure) the less busy street or road must yield to the busier street or road. [False. All must stop as if it were an all-way stop sign. V&T Law, section 1117]

The first country to mandate daytime running lights on all vehicles was Finland in: a) 1972, b) 1982, c) 1992, d) 2002. [(a – 1972), Internet, Michael Paine, Vehicle Design and Research Pty Limited]

If a snowplow hits and destroys your rural mailbox, the municipality that owns the snowplow must fix the mailbox within: a) 48 hours, b) one week, c) by the following April 1st, d) is under no obligation to repair it. [(d). Highway Law, section 319]

A conviction for texting while driving carries: a) 2, b) 3, c) 5, d) 7 driver violation points. [(c), 5 points, effective June 1, 2013, DMV]

In most European countries, the limit for drunk driving is a BAC level of: a) 0.02, b) 0.05, c) 0.08, d) 0.10. [(b), 0.05, Internet, BAC limits worldwide]

Two vehicles arrive simultaneously at an intersection controlled by all-way stop signs. Which vehicle has the right-of-way: a) vehicle on the left, b) vehicle on the right, c) vehicle on the busier street, d) first vehicle to start through the intersection? [(b), Rule 2 of basic rules of driving]

When are full headlights (not daytime running lights) not required by law: a) when wipers are on, b) when visibility is less than 1000 feet, c) 1/2 hour before sunset, d) 1/2 hour before sunrise? [(c), V&T Law, section 375]

You are required to slow down and move over when approaching: a) stopped police vehicles with red/white/blue flashing lights, b) a utility truck with amber flashing lights, c) a rural mail carrier with flashing amber light, d) all of these. [(d), V&T Law, section 1144-a]

Turn signals are NOT required in which of the following situations: a) 100 feet before a turn, b) 100 feet before a lane change, c) when leaving a parallel parking place, d) when rounding a 90-degree corner with no intersecting roads. [(d), no V&T Law requiring it]

Which of the following are deemed “traffic control devices”: a) pedestrian walk/don’t walk signal, b) a sign giving the mileage to the next village, c) a painted arrow on the pavement in a turn lane, d) all of the above? [(d), all signs, signals, markings, or other devices used to regulate warn, or guide traffic; MUTCD]

A driver convicted of speeding more than 40 mph above the posted limit receives how many driver violation points: a) 3, b) 5, c) 8, d) 11. [(d), 11 points, DMV]

How did you do? Are you up to speed on rules of the road or do you need a little refresher training. A good place to start is to get a driver’s manual from the Dept. of Motor Vehicles -?unless you are a relatively new driver, you might find a number of things have changed since you started driving. Or, you could visit the Traffic Safety Board website at www.franklincony.org From the pull-down menu for departments, click on Traffic Safety Board and review some of the 350 plus articles on traffic law and safety. “Like” us on Facebook as well.