Nominate a Tri-Lakes Volunteer of the Year

In March, as usual, the Enterprise and Lake Placid News will honor a particularly service-oriented Tri-Lakes resident as our Volunteer of the Year, and as usual, we need you to help us by suggesting people deserving of the honor.

Hundreds of functions in the North Country depend on volunteerism. People are fed and clothed, the terminally ill are cared for, homes are built for low-income people, fires are extinguished, campaigns are run, libraries are maintained, and the natural environment is curated by volunteers.

Each of the Tri-Lakes villages has its own volunteer awards, but this is the only one for the entire area.

Since Feb. 1 we’ve been advertising in the paper that we need Volunteer of the Year nominations. If you haven’t noticed it yet, the final deadline for us to receive them is this Wednesday, Feb. 19, which gives you four more days. Our staff will then choose a winner from among your suggestions.

The Volunteer of the Year should be someone who has made a real, active commitment to helping out in his or her community. It could be someone who helps in many areas or someone who has fulfilled a strong commitment to one program for a long time. It could be someone whose volunteerism is measured in decades or someone who made huge contributions in the past year. The Volunteer of the Year cannot receive any material compensation for this work.

Your nomination should contain a written description of the volunteer work your nominee does and why you think the person deserves the award. You can submit your nomination by email to Managing Editor Peter Crowley at or by mail to Volunteer of the Year, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, P.O. Box 318, Saranac Lake, NY 12983. You can also drop it off to us at 54 Broadway, Saranac Lake or fax it to 518-891-2756. However you do it, please put “Volunteer of the Year” right up at the top so we know right away what it’s about.

A story about the chosen volunteer, along with a thorough directory of local resources, will appear in the Community Resource Guide, which will be distributed inside the Enterprise on March 21.

Here are the past Tri-Lakes Volunteers of the Year. (We didn’t do it last year.)

2012 Linda Young

2011 Dmitry Feld

2010 Virginia Bristol

2009 Katie Fischer

2008 Cherie Fisher

2007 Roland Patnode

2006 Natalie Leduc

2005 Joy Harvey

2004 Paulann Andrews

2003 Bob McKillip

2002 Marjorie McLaughlin

2001 Lora Brown

2000 Conni Cross

1999 John Howard

1998 Tom Scheefer

1997 Rip Allen

1996 Rick Knapton

1995 Jim Rollier

1994 Frank Morrison

1993 Dan and Issy Cassell

1992 Ruth Miller

1991 Gary Ryther

We hope reading these names does to you what it does for us – reminds you of how good all these hard-working people are and makes you want to follow in their footsteps.

Thank you for volunteering, and thank you for nominating.