Disappointed by pre-K editorial

To the editor:

I am a native of Saranac Lake who now lives in Colorado. I like to keep in touch via the Enterprise. I greatly enjoyed all the coverage of the Winter Carnival – great job, everyone! The Ice Palace this year appeared to be exceptional. I wish I could have seen it in person.

Now, the real reason for my letter: I am writing regarding your recent editorial about pre-K. I am very disappointed by your view about this topic and with comments made by readers on the website. I realize you are stating an opinion, but you need to know that you are woefully out of touch on this topic. Since I am limited in how much I can say in a letter, I will encourage you and interested readers to check out information on why pre-K is a good INVESTMENT. Dr. James Heckman was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics and is a professor of economics at the University of Chicago. His website is full of well-researched information about why supporting pre-K is a good idea. Please educate yourself and become familiar with this information at www.heckmanequation.org. This in not about politics or unions. It’s about making good investments with a high rate of return.


Barbara Mullin Dodds

Durango, Colo.