Thanks, girls

To the editor:

Before and during the Olympic competitions, all we hear about is medal, medal, medal – as if winning a medal is the only indicator of success. Sochi, Russia is not the only place in the world with “successful athletes.” We have some right here in our little town. Specially I am talking about the Saranac Lake Central School District seventh- and eighth-grade girls basketball team.

Even though our scoreboard was an ugly sight most games, that fact never once influenced your actions on the court. Not once did I hear or see a negative action or reaction. Just the opposite – smiles and encouragement were in abundance every game. True sportsmanship was shown to opponents, officials, coaches, teammates and fans, every game. Pro athletes could have learned a thing or two from this team. Teamwork and sportsmanship are the true measure of an athlete’s character, and you girls showed us all that and lots more. You kept your heads held proud, and your spirit was evident no matter the score or situation. I am very confident that no matter what life throws at you, it will be met with that same determination and grit that you showed each and every game. in the game of life, you all are true champions in my book. Thanks for a very enjoyable and successful season.

Thank you, Coach Rohe, for all your efforts, and to my daughter a special shout-out. Anna, I love you very much. You made your dad a very, very proud parent.

Benjym Ellithorpe

Lake Clear