George Boone this weekend at Delta Blue

LAKE PLACID – George Boone will perform this weekend at Delta Blue.

Dressed to the nines in the obligatory suit, gold, leather, fur collar and the patented G clef etched into the hair on the back of his head, electric bluesman Boone immediately changes the atmosphere of any room he’s in.

A commanding presence, this veteran singer/songwriter/guitarist promises an intensely explosive marriage of emotion and technique in performance. And, he always delivers.

“Stranger in My Hometown,” Boone’s debut album, was cut in one afternoon in a converted church studio in Rensselaer. Veteran blues critic Don Wilcox calls George Boone “One of the best blues guitarists/singer/songwriters in the world.”

And he says of the album, “Angry isn’t a strong enough word to describe the dangerous and predatory emotions laid down and burned off in this fantastic album recorded in one day at Cathedral Sound.”

Like so many in blues, Boone had to wait decades for his recording “debut.” Gulf Coast blues legend Phillip Walker cut Boone loose from his band in 1987, telling to “go out and kick some ass.” The young firebrand had already toured Europe with Walker, sharing festival stages in Germany, France and Holland with Robert Cray, Johnny Littlejohn, Jimmy Rogers, and Wild Child Butler. Boone’s late father began taking his 8-year-old son to live performances along “the Miracle Mile” in New York’s Capital Region more than four and a half decades ago.

By the age of 12, Boone was on stage with these same performers, closing his eyes to block out the fear as he showed them he’d learned his lessons well.

While compared to everyone from jazz master Wes Montgomery to the late Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, with whom he also toured, Boone says a big influence also, was sax player Hank Johnson whom he met while Johnson was doing 25 to life.

Since 1987, Boone has been honing his crack band in hometown Schenectady. The group has won numerous Best Blues Band awards and represented the Northeast Blues Society in Memphis at the Blues Foundation International Blues Talent Contest where they were written up in a five-page article in The King Biscuit Times Blues Journal. George is supported on stage by veteran performers Raoul Bowman on Bass, Tim Fiato on Keyboard, and Lance Smithon drums.