Plow fishing parking lots

To the editor:

Sunday morning I passed two snowplows on the road despite the fact that there was no snow on the road and no snow in the forecast. I finally arrived at the lake to find that the parking lot had not been plowed whatsoever. Like most people, I cannot afford a lifted 4×4 vehicle that can go through 2 feet of snow, so I was forced to park alongside the narrowly plowed road, creating a potential traffic hazard, but at that point I was not about to turn around and drive all the way back home.

None of the area’s fishing access points have been plowed yet this year. New York state needs to get its act together. These small parking areas are not that big, yet they are important to the local economy. Ice fisherman are not going to come to the Adirondacks to ice fish if they don’t have a place to park!

Creighton Nowak

Paul Smith’s College

Paul Smiths