Thanks for voicing public opinion on NBC

To the editor:

I heartily agree with this editorial (“Unsportsmanlike conduct foul on NBC” in Thursday’s Enterprise). It has indeed been a raging topic of conversation among some of my Facebook friends. Everyone was pretty disgusted and felt the interviewer went too far. I was so happy for Bode. You could tell he wanted to medal so badly. Just watching him come down that hill, one could see the intensity on his face. As the announcer said, he meant business. He is thrilling to watch. I am only sorry that Father Time is encroaching on his ability to ski competitively.

As for Andrew Weibrecht, we were jumping for joy. All his hard work paid off. We are so proud. No drama to exploit there.

Finally, when they broke out the old Kerrigan-Harding story, I changed the channel, disgusted again with NBC. I rarely watch that channel anymore, only the very professional Brian Williams on the evening news. It has been thrilling to turn on “Today,” though, and see local parents of athletes standing there. I rarely watch it anymore.

Thank you for stating how everyone felt.


Jennifer Zahn

Saranac Lake