‘Inequality For All’ film tonight at BluSeed Studios

SARANAC LAKE – The award-winning documentary “Inequality For All” will be shown at 7 p.m. tonight at BluSeed Studios, just one of more than 800 simultaneous screenings nationwide organized by MoveOn.org.

The facts are well known. Most Americans today are, for the first time in history, no better off economically than their parents were, (and many are worse off), while the top 1 percent are, on average, three times as wealthy as they were in 1970.

While Wall St. makes record profits, employment is stagnating, companies cut back on medical and retirement benefits, schools, hospitals, and other public institutions cut back on jobs and services.

In spite of the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, our government seems incapable of making meaningful reforms to help the middle class, or even wanting to.

There is a lot to complain about,” said Phil Newton, event coordinator for Tri-Lakes Voters For Change, which is hosting the event, ” But ‘Inequality For All” goes beyond complaining to provide some practical solutions. The movie is hosted by former Clinton Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, who has been warning about this crisis since before he left government. Much of what Reich tried to warn us about in the 2000’s has been made far worse since the Crash of 2008. I think it’s time we started paying attention to his ideas and solutions.”

According to Newton, “Inequality for All” is both interesting and entertaining, having won “2013 Sundance Festival American Documentary Award, as well as a 92 percent Favorable rating on rottentomatoes.com.

Following the showing, there will be a 20 minute nationwide “strategy” call-in with Robert Reich, after which audience members will be invited to share their thoughts, ideas, and plans for further action.

Admissions is free, but donations will be accepted. A DVD of the “Inequality For All” will be available on loan after the showing. For more information, contact Phil Newton at 518-891-5275.