Bisso takes on Duprey again

Karen Bisso has announced her intention to join the race for the 115th Assembly District.

Bisso, a special education teacher from Plattsburgh, was a challenger for the seat in 2012 and claimed 21 percent of the vote against Janet Duprey, a Republican from Peru, who won re-election with 53 percent of the vote, and Democrat Tim Carpenter of Plattsburgh who received 26 percent.

Bisso wrote at length about problems she sees with recent education changes including Common Core.

“Two years ago, I chose to run for Assembly because our state was headed in a dangerous direction.” Bisso wrote in a press release. “Our education system was being financially dismantled, millions of taxpayers’ dollars were being thrown into corporate welfare, and the state was doubling down on faulty economic and regulatory policies.”

Bisso said Common Core is a bad step toward nationalizing the education system.

“But most importantly, not one elected official has stepped forward to remove the Common Core from our schools,” Bisso wrote. “As a proud parent of the North Country Alliance for Public Education, I will be standing with advocating for parents to participate in the OPT OUT initiative for common core testing.”

Duprey, along with the Minority Conference in the Assembly, has also outlined proposed changes to Common Core. She spoke at a November forum hosted by SUNY Plattsburgh about her problems with standardized testing.

“The state Education Department requires special-needs students, including many who cannot read, to take the standardized tests. Forcing these students who have IEP directives to sit through hours of testing is bullying. We need all students to be excited to learn.

“We cannot allow standardized testing, which forces teachers to teach to the test, to treat our children as robots or educational experiments.”

Bisso also spoke out against the SAFE Act gun control measures, saying she is a proud believer in the Second Amendment.

“Within the last year, this state has continued to demonstrate its over-reaching arm into the lives of honest, hardworking, tax paying New Yorkers by passing in the middle of the night and without transparency the SAFE ACT,” Bisso wrote. “Over the last year, I have been honored to participate in and be a guest speaker at over a dozen rallies state wide protesting the SAFE ACT, a law which makes law abiding citizens criminals and continues to portray New York as unfriendly.”