Safety board requests input on traffic law

Do you have a particular vehicle and traffic law that you feel needs revision? If so, the Traffic Safety Board solicits your input.

Paragraph (4) of V&T Law, section 1675, “Functions of the Board,” charges county traffic safety boards to recommend to the appropriate legislative bodies, departments, or commissions, such changes in rules, orders, regulations and existing law as the board may deem advisable.

Assemblywomen Janet Duprey will attend the June meeting of the Franklin County TSB scheduled at 10 a.m. June 25 at the 911 building on Bare Hill Road, Malone. At that meeting, the Board will present to Assemblywomen Duprey several V&T laws that the Board feels need revising. Several possible suggestions include:

  • Close existing loopholes in Ignition Interlock laws (sections 1198 and 1198-a): Current ignition interlock laws are cumbersome, and tracking violators is difficult. This law needs a major overhaul.
  • Revision to passing a stopped school bus [(1174(a)]: Many school buses now have cameras mounted on the outside left side of the bus which are able to capture a vehicle illegally passing a stopped school bus, including the license plate and an image of the driver. However, if the driver does not match the registered owner and the owner refuses to divulge the name of the person driving, no ticket can be issued. Changing the current law to allow ticketing of the registered owner could be a solution.
  • Ban all radar detectors (397-a): currently radar and laser detectors are prohibited in certain commercial vehicles. The only purpose of such detectors is to flout the speed limit laws; therefore, these detectors should be banned in all vehicles.
  • Passenger restraint laws should be for all passengers (1229-c): current passenger restraint law allows rear seat passengers 16 years and over to ride unbelted. All occupants in all vehicles should to be belted at all times.
  • All bicycle riders should wear approved helmets (1238): current law requires only passengers and operators less than 14 years of age to wear proper helmets. Safety helmets are a vital piece of safety equipment and should be required of all passengers and operators of bicycles at all times.
  • Change existing headlight laws to require headlights from a half-hour before sunset to 1/2 hour after sunrise [(375(2)(a)]: current law requires full headlights to be illuminated from half-hour after sunset to half-hour before sunrise. This antiquated law was passed long ago, when there were few vehicles on the roads and driving speeds were much slower. Today, with more traffic and closing speeds on two-lane roads as much as 120 mph, there is a significant need to be seen by other motorists at a greater distance during dawn and dusk periods.

These are a few suggestions that the board will consider. If you have a law you feel needs revision, send your thoughts in an email to and your suggestions will then be presented to the board for consideration.

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