Intersection would be a mess with hotel

To the editor:

Every time I attempt to cross Lake Flower Avenue while walking my dog, I’m reminded of what that area will be like when the proposed hotel is built there.

Now, with traffic coming from three different directions, I have a very difficult time getting across the street so that I can walk downtown along Lake Flower. Just when I think the coast is clear, a car will come zipping around the corner. What a nightmare it will be with the additional traffic generated by the hotel’s 90-plus parking spaces.

In addition, the hotel developer plans to create 50 more parking spaces across River Street by tearing down the blue house next to the North Elba Town House and by using the Town House’s parking spaces. The people who park there will have to cross the street at the triangular intersection by the NBT Bank.

I can’t believe that the people who came up with this parking plan thought seriously about the impact it would have on an already busy intersection. What a mess!

Janis Beatty

Saranac Lake