Don’t get wrong idea about snowmobiling

To the editor:

This letter is in regard to the article published Monday, March 10, “Revving up tourism.” All in all, this was a great article and, one would hope, will build the tourism industry in areas such as Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake and others not directly tied to the Olympic Village.

The issue I have is a statement by Randy Douglas, which I quote: “We had a blast,” Douglas said. “I know the governor likes speed. He was up to 90 mph racing a state trooper.”

I would hope this contest took place on a frozen body of water known for its safe ice conditions, such as Lake Kushaqua, where such speeds can be reached with relative safety providing there are no pressure cracks which could create a launching pad equivalent to the 70-meter ski jump. Trails such as the former rail beds of the New York Central and D&H rail lines, as well as others, are regulated and should not be used as race areas but rather a safe environment for family outings and scenic vistas, and perhaps a stop at Buck Pond campsite for an outdoor fire, hot dog, burger and beverage with family and friends.

I certainly hope that those who do not enjoy, understand or realize the economic value of snowmobile travel do not read this article and further alienate themselves and their organizations against this sport.


Art Schneck

Founder and past president, Tri-Lakes Snomobilers Inc.

Former board member, Franklin County Snowmobile Association

Retired New York State Police

Saranac Lake