Hoffman for Saranac Lake trustee

To the editor:

In Saranac Lake we are preparing to vote in the village election on March 18. I would like to recommend Gary Hoffman for village trustee. He moved here from Wilmington two years ago because he enjoys our arts- and music-friendly community environment.

While Gary lived in Wilmington, he served as justice for six years. He worked to modernize the court system by using grant funding he was responsible for acquiring. He also served as vice president of the Essex County Magistrates Association.

Gary is now retired from working for Agway fuel company. He has time to devote to the trustee position. Like all of us, he is concerned with how our tax dollars are spent. He wants to have more fiscal transparency through critical review of project management. He also looks to the future infrastructure maintenance and seeks planned cost management. I believe he will work as a team player to serve the village residents, willing to listen and work for us.


Martha Watts

Saranac Lake