Thanks, Coach Murnane

To the editor:

We want to send a special thank-you to coach Jim Murnane for all his work to put together an excellent fifth- and sixth-grade boys basketball program in Saranac Lake.

Playing for Jim and assistant coaches Catalano, Manning and Munn, our boys have learned so much: solid skills, a team spirit and a love of the game that will last with them for a lifetime. Jim sees something special in each of our kids. He has challenged them to believe in themselves and to work hard.

After seven years of coaching, Jim has decided it’s time to hang up his whistle. We will miss you, coach. Thanks so much for all you have given our kids.


Amber Knapp

Joseph Faubert and Nathalie Sanford

Amy and Roger Catania

Sam Churco

Veronica Ellithorpe

Tim Stewart

Julie Weinstein

Brett and Debi Yando

Ray and Patty Monroe

John and Sandra Gagnon

and all the basketball parents

Saranac Lake