Vote for Trummer, Hoffman, Pelletieri

To the editor:

The most effective government for all constituents is when everyone has representation and their representatives work together for the benefit of all. Our current village board consists of members of one political party with the exception of Allie Pelletieri. I ask a simple question: “Are you better off living in the village today than you were four years ago?” The answer should be a quick “YES.” However, I am not so sure when I consider taxes, water problems, disclosure, employment for the average citizen, and closed storefronts. I am not saying that the current board has not had some success, but just maybe we could fine-tune the machine with some adjustments to make it run a little more efficiently.

In this light, I would suggest you consider supporting candidates that are listed by the Republican Party for village office. Diana Trummer, the mayoral candidate, is a native of the village who comes from a long line of public servants who have served Saranac Lake in the past. She has experienced the constant struggle of the common worker in our village. Diana is currently the president of her workers union and has knowledge of budgets and contracts. She also is familiar with village issues via past employment of filming village meetings for the media.

Gary Hoffman is running for village trustee. He brings an interesting prospective to the table as he is not from a political background. However, he is a past magistrate. How do judges operate? Do they shoot from the hip? No! They study the law and then impartially look at all sides of an issue before making decisions. Is that not what we expect our village trustees to do? Often in today’s world, politicians have their own agendas weighing in on the decisions they make. That won’t happen if you elect Hoffman as a village trustee.

Last, but not least, is Trustee Allie Pelletieri, who is a lone voice on the village board. All three political parties endorse him in this round of elections. Allie serves the village well and listens to all sides while bringing up issues that others forget. Perhaps he could use some help on the board this coming term.

Thank you for your consideration of these candidates, and be sure to get out and vote.

All the best,

Bob Brown

Saranac Lake