Saranac Lakers, please vote tomorrow

Saranac Lake’s village election snuck up on some of us this time around. In case you didn’t know, it’s tomorrow.

Please, if you live in the village and are eligible to vote, do so. Voting is a duty and a privilege, especially in local elections, when each vote carries so much more weight than in national races.

First you’ll need to read up about the candidates. There’s no time to waste, so get cracking. Today’s paper has interview-based profiles of Tom Catillaz, Gary Hoffman and Allie Pelletieri, the three candidates for two village trustee seats. Saturday’s issue had profiles of the two candidates for mayor: Clyde Rabideau and Dianna Trummer.

We usually run such articles in the paper sooner before an election. Part of the reason for the delay was the Winter Olympics – Chris Knight, our Saranac Lake reporter, was over in Russia covering them – and part of it was just that the campaigning was light and late this time around. We apologize for not pushing it sooner, but hey, we beat the deadline, and we think these articles give you everything you need to cast an informed vote.

The place to vote, as usual, is the auditorium of the Harrietstown Town Hall at 39 Main St. Polls will be open from noon to 9 p.m. Tuesday.

We’ll post results on our Facebook and Twitter pages and our website that night, so be sure to check in – or wait to read all about it in Wednesday’s print edition.

Again, it’s critically important to vote. The people we all elect play huge roles in setting the course of village life, from the many services we use – and hopefully appreciate – to the inevitable taxes to pay for them. Read up, vote, and then check back with us to find out who won.