Don’t allow hotel on Lake Flower

To the editor:

Working on the Ice Palace this winter, moving the blocks along as they were cut from Pontiac Bay, I was struck by how unsightly a large, contemporary hotel would be on the shore across the bay.

As a volunteer for Historic Saranac Lake, I conduct monthly tours of our downtown, focusing on our unique history. One of the buildings on the tour is the Haase Block, now the home of Adirondack Bank. It was built in 1907 by William Haase, a wealthy former tuberculosis cure patient. His wife Marie was a spirited woman and a founder of the Village Improvement Society. She also founded the Tent Theater behind the Haase Block, the venue for Rosalind Russell’s debut in 1929.

With a true appreciation of our village’s history and respect for the work of Marie Haase and so many others, I want to strongly endorse the original mission of the Village Improvement Society: implementing the vision of the Olmsted Plan for the improvement of Saranac Lake. This vision includes a beautiful park surrounding Lake Flower, including views of the water from the residences on Slater Hill and from the Lake Flower Avenue parkway. The proposed Lake Flower hotel goes against this vison and does a disservice to our history.

I agree with many others that a hotel should not be built on the shores of the lake, and I hope that others will let their views be known.

Margaret Worden

Saranac Lake